Our Why

To reimagine our social architecture by designing a community of love and building a culture of resilience and regenerative ecology as a reproducible model for the generations to come.

Our What

To authentically write a new narrative of regenerative and resilient culture by living into the story of building a community with love at its centre.

Our Core Values

The principles guiding how we interact, behave, make decisions. They reflect how we see the new social structure being organized.

Love is the core value. However, it needs to be adequately defined to avoid the ambiguity of its overuse or misuse by the dominant culture of the current economic order.

Love is the gravity that holds everything together.

At the centre of reality are the physical properties that are the foundation of human experience:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Matter

These three properties correspond to the metaphysical experience of being human.

  • Time: Past, Present, Future
  • Energy: Cognition, Emotion, Action
  • Creativity: Imagine, Design, Build

In cognitive science and cognitive behavioural therapy, we are familiar with the animal responses built into our physiology: stimulus and response. Fear drives automatic, instinctual response to fight, flight, or freeze.

Humans can short-circuit animal instincts by taking time to make rational decisions based on interpretations of perceptual data in the form of stories. Stored data are memories. Data extrapolations and projections are possible anticipated futures. Perceptions are raw data that are being received in real time. The data are being filtered through cultural biases in the form of stories. In cognitive behavioural therapy, this is expressed as stimulus, interpretation, response.

Love is the manifestation of a relationship in which time, energy, and creativity are the primary methods of building trust by spending moments of time, through intentional effort, to express attention, care, and generosity for the good of another. The ongoing repetition of thoughts, feelings, and actions with the intention to do what is best for another is the primary means of forming relationships that fulfill the purpose of achieving benefits for the common good.

Elements of the new social structure

In a holobiont, we are a host to multiple symbiotic biological communities that require the equilibrium of the relationships of the individuals for the health of the whole.

Individual cells have the ability to reproduce, because of the biological DNA signature that is unique to each individual.