Who are we?

Who are we becoming?

We thought we were separated, divided, individual, independent, alone.

We are living. We are dying. We are learning. We are explorers. We are inventors. We are tool makers. We are story tellers.

We are laughing. We are crying. We are joyful. We are suffering. We are thoughtful. We are emotional. We are rational. We are irrational. We are fearful. We are violent. We are empathetic. We are loving.

We are stardust. We are quantum mechanics. We are physics and metaphysics. We are beginning to understand so much. We actually know very little.

We are awakening to the systems that we designed that cause our own suffering. We are beginning to recognize that there is no other. There is only us. When one of us is in pain, we all suffer. When we experience joy, we all celebrate.

We are a thin layer of life on a small ball of molten rock spinning in constant motion around a star spinning around a galaxy. We are held in the tension of the gravity that pulls us together and the expansion that pushes us apart.

We are time and energy and matter. We are entropy. We are syntropy.

We are in conversation with reality.

We are dividing cells. We are integrating ideas. We are thesis and antithesis. We are synthesis.

We are the behaviour of whole systems unpredicted by the behaviours of their parts. We are synergy.

We are relationships of energy. We are conscious awareness. We are this moment. We are everything happening all at once. We are weaving a world of experience through perception, cognition, emotion, and action. We live with a memory of where we have come from, in the presence of where we are, in anticipation of where we will be. We are formed by language in intimate relationship with all that came before, all that is, and all that will be.

We are the seed of an idea. We are a seed of life floating in the garden of space. We are not on the earth. We are earth. We are the incarnation of the genesis of the unfolding and enfolding of time, energy, and matter.

We are interdependent and interconnected.

We are the medium. We are the message. We are the interface.

We are a creative, collaborative, self-organizing learning community. We are exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together. We are the builders collective. We are investing our time, energy, and resources in reimagining our social architecture.

We are the invisible made visible.

We are universe.

We are one.